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Honestly what is this


Honestly what is this

do u say grace before eating leftovers

i want fireball shit whiskey abolished from earth



Channing Frye is a normal ass tumblr blogger all while making 8 mil a year playing basketball. a true tumblr hero

channing frye is a bitch and banned from the state of arizona for being a traitor bitch

channingfrye dont listen to her i love u


how do yall feel about mettaworldrake?


what does saffron taste like? I want to eat a little strand


im on that good kush and alcohol

the spice saffron just reminds me of pokemon

i was really hungry and bored and workaholics and the episode was about them opening a weed / burrito place and i thought it would make me even hungrier but at the end blake and adam get fed up with anders and carl telling them what to do so they make burritos filled with roadkill skunk and it made me not hungry anymore so everything went better than planned